Reward and Benefits

Reward is an integral part of an organization’s talent attraction and retention strategy. A typical Reward and Benefits package will include a combination of salary (fixed) and any number of fixed or flexible benefits.

Similar to performance management, an organization’s reward philosophy is also driven by the type of culture and (employee) behaviours the leaders are keen to instill.

Can you confidently answer the following?

  • Your market position (median, upper / lower quartile, etc.)
  • Market benchmarking (new market entry)
  • Is your executive compensation competitive?
  • Is your Long Term Incentive Plan (LTIP) fit for purpose?
  • Is your benefits package competitive?
  • Is your annual review process fair, compliant and yield the desired outcomes?

Ren Advisory will work with you to design effective and sustainable reward solutions.

RenAdvisory-Rewards and Benefits
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