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Our story

Growing a start-up or SME business is an extremely exciting period for its founders. However, the intense pressure that accompanies rapid growth is an often underestimated factor. The founders are all too often wearing multiple hats and may not have the bandwidth and / or expertise to focus on a growing organisation’s critical growth ingredient – its talent.

Ren Advisory was established specifically to serve the needs of rapidly expanding start-ups and SMEs with all-round Human Talent consulting services. In a business context, we strongly believe that CULTURE + TALENT = SUCCESS.

This is reflected in our logo, where the two brush strokes within the circle – the piě and the nà, – represent Culture and Talent, respectively. The eloquent circular brush stroke that fuses the two together represents Success, which is achieved when talent and culture are blended in right proportions.

As a result, our MISSION is to help businesses achieve success through exceptional talent management strategies leading to a high performance culture.

Meet our founder

Founder, Managing DIRECTOR

Kris Sasitharan

Even in this day and age of robotics, automation and AI, Kris’ firm belief is that it’s Human Talent (enterprise) that makes or breaks businesses. With a background in competitive team sport in his youth and experience in the Talent and HR space in multinational corporates, Kris is well placed to advise businesses on their Human Talent challenges.

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